Founder and Sole Proprietor​

I, S.S. Tarafdar is the Founder President of Global Training and Consultancy Services (GTCS) & National Material Handling Council, and is known for my pioneering work in the Material Handling Science, Safety and Quality. I was honoured and awarded in the year 1987 and 1989 by the Hon’ble Union Minister of Labour and S.D.S College of Andhra University in India for my outstanding contribution to the field of management.

I have been a trainer and lecturer for several “Executive Programs” for engineers, officers and divisional heads as well as Guest faculty of various Industry and Institution respectively.

I am also known as the “Father of Modern Material Handling and Management Science” and is a “Pioneer of quality” in India. I have been involved in Cost Control and Human Resource Development Management Programs of industry and Institution for more than 30 years known, around India and abroad.

Conducted Training & Dev. Programme on the following Vital Topics of Globel Interest: -

I have done research and trained many executives and advised business units and Political Leaders in the area of their interest and written the “Techniques of material Handling and Quality Control of raw Materials” and is the otherwise the founding member of “Asia Pacific Logistic Management Federation” in Japan. I am in touched and linked with many International Organizations like W.H.O, A.M.A, J.M.A, British Safety Council and International Institute of Risk management and International Leader which includes USA, UK and many others.

Management Scientist, Crisis & Cost Control Expert and Intl. Political Advisor.

Mr. S.S. Tarafdar, World Renowned Management Scientist, Crisis and Cost Control Expert, Chairman Nation Wide Intellectual Meet to Reduce Road Risk & Make Roads Safe 2010-2020, Founder President of National Material Handling Council, Secatary General World Safety Congress and well known for his pioneering work in Material Handling & Management Science, Safety and Quality.

Earlier area of research: In his earlier life he was extensively engaged in design and development of new material handling techniques and equipments, which helps to enhance plant productivity and Save cost & time enormously in the major industries throughout the world.

Professor, Director of GTCS