Brain Behind

Global Training and Consultancy Services: Is the brain child of Mr. S.S. Tarafdar, World Renowned Management Scientist, Crisis and Cost Control Expert, Chairman Nation Wide Intellectual Meet to Reduce Road Risk & Make Roads Safe 2010-2020, Founder President of National Material Handling Council, Secatary General World Safety Congress and well known for his pioneering work in Material Handling & Management Science, Safety and Quality.


Earlier area of research: In his earlier life he was extensively engaged in design and development of new material handling techniques and equipments, which helps to enhance plant productivity and Save cost & time enormously in the major industries throughout the world.

Honored and award: He has been honored and awarded by the then Hon’ble Union Minister of Labour Mr. P.A. Sangama at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi for his an outstanding contribution in the field of Modern Material Handling & Management Science, Safety and Human Relation Development in the year 1987. Awarded and Honored as an “Expert in Material Handling System” by the SDS College of Andhra University in the year 1989. Honored and awarded as Quality trainer and facilitator, as best Mentor and best trainer for imparting his world class training in “Management Development Science’’. He has been recommended by the Chairman of National Productivity Council, the then Hon’ble Union Minister Mr. M. Arunachalam and has been selected by the Japan Management Association and accordingly invited, representing India during the time of the formation ceremony of Asia Pacific Logistic Management Federation (APLMF) at Tokyo, Japan in the year 1991 established in order to modernize and improve logistics to contribute to the economic growth of all countries in the Asia-Pacific region as one of its founder member.


His name was included as a guest faculty in the National Academy of Defense Production (NADP), Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India during the year 2006 and was selected as the board member of SDS college of Andhra University (Material Handling Division) and served as Board member of Traffic & Transportations under the Ministry of Surface Transport Govt. of India. He has been invited several times to deliver lecture on H.R.D.Mgmt., Production Devp.Mgmt. and on Industrial Development & Economical Growth on the occasion of First Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Lecture, organized by Heavy Engineering Corporation Ltd Govt. of India(HECL).He has been honored and appriciated by the Colonel. Amit Roy, Principal of Himalaya Mountaineering Institute Darjeling in the presence of Squadron leader Mr. S. K Bose, Vice Principal, (HMI) for his successful Expedition to Mount Everst Base Camp at a height of 18,500 ft. and further up to Kala Patthar to a height of 22,000 ft. as Group Leader organized by the Sagar Matha Adventure Club founded by him & affiliated to the National Adventure Foundations in the year 1987. The trek was his brain child which was sponsored to a great extent by the Dept. of Youth Affairs and Sports, Govt. of India. Many a times he has leaded his teams to Chandrakani Pass, Rumsu in Himachal Pradesh as Group Leader in the National Himalayan Tracking Programme organized by Youth Hostel association of India (YHAI).


He is a writer, world class trainer and lecturer for several “Executive Programs” meant for engineers, officers and divisional heads, senior management as well as the trainers and teacher of various industry and institution globaly. He always feel happy to render his service for the Human Resource Development for any organization particularly in educational, health and defence institution including engineering, manufacturing and services industry. He is also known as the “Father of Modern Material Handling and Management Science” and is a “Pioneer of quality” in India who has been involved in Cost Control and Human Resource Development Programs for institution and industry for more than 3 decades.


He belives in creating, instead of copying and building, instead of borrowing and has contributed lot as a management scientiest in the field of management namely Safety & Health Mgmt., General Mgmt., Planning Mgmt., Knowledge Mgmt., Material Handling Science, Crisis & Cost Control Mgmt., Change Mgmt., Total Quality Mgmt. Behavior/Managerial Skills, Total Employees Involvement, Waste Utilization Mgmt., World Class Work Place Mgmt., Just in Time and logistic Mgmt., Employees recognition and Job satisfaction, Safety, Health and good House Keeping Mgmt. , Human Resource Development Mgmt. and Marketing Mgmt. in one word it can be said he is an exceptional and a man of versitrile genious who leads a simple and sober life.

He has gone deep in depth through continous research years together and trained many more Sr. Mgmt executives and advised Govt. and Non-Govt. organisations in the above areas. He is the writer of “Techniques of Material Handling and Quality Control of Raw Materials”, Crisis and Cost Control Mgmt., Road Safety Mgmt. and many more article on different Mgmt. topic. He has been invited as the founder member of “Asia Pacific Logistic Management Federation” in Japan and in touch with many International Organizations like World Health Organisation(W.H.O), American Management Associations(A.M.A), Japan Management Association(J.M.A), British Safety Council and International Institute of Risk management many a times. He is a regular recipient of messages and informations from White House of USA on various important issues raised by Hon’ble President Mr. Barack Obama time to time. He is a great reader and fond of German News, Australian News, U.N News and many other…