Our Story

GTCS Philosophy

Culture: gtcs believe our university is the great universe and the Nature is a great Teacher”. Nursing, nourishing and nurturing the nature to know the new is necessary. 


gtcs create concrete, constructive and creative cause for its valued customer to cure any crisis in the company, community and country to conquer.


gtcs search through research, sought and select a system and systematize that system systematically to supply to the shop floor to start with step by step for stupendous sure success.

Strategy:– gtcs create instead of copy and build instead borrow. It never compares and competes with other, instead compete with it. What gtcs create other copy it and what it builds others borrow it.

Belief:-With boot, butt and bullet business cannot be build. To build business break the barrier and build bridges to bind and bond and be brave, bold, bright, brilliant and benevolent.

About GTCS

Global Training and Consultancy Services (GTCS), is one of the world best management consulting firm, that support with systematized scientific system, develop and supply effective, energetic and efficient skilled manpower and act as an advisor to world leading business, government, industry and institutions. It creates concrete, constructive and creative cause for its valued customer to cure there any crisis and conquer. It focuses on management consulting, technology solutions, change management, outsourcing services, continual cost control, quality improvement in safety health and environment and provides strategy consulting to senior management in large corporations and organization globally, founded by Mr. S.S.Tarafdar, World Renowned Management Scientist, Crisis and Cost Control Expert well known as Father of Modern Material Handling and Management Science. It is one of the prestigious World best reputed and renowned crisis and cost control consulting firm.


Global Training and Consultancy Services (GTCS) serve with solutions for effective and efficient management development for stupendous sure success empowering every employees of government and non-government institution and industry to enhance efficiency, providing world class education and training using the tool of tested and trusted tips, tricks and techniques for equal learning opportunities and provides World best practices, preventing and protecting process and high quality production procedure for productivity, profitability and prolong prosperity to meet your goals, maximize your return on investment as well value added services. GTCS energetic expert extend yeoman service to eliminate obsolete drawing and design, outdated machine and methodology & old training and technology providing ultra modern technology, advanced training & technique, updated scientific and effective engineering with systematized system.



The “Global Training and Consultancy Services” involved in every aspect of global human life, truly provider of world class result oriented management development training and education programme functioning in response to an effective implementation of various United Nation’s (UN) programs including UN Resolution of Road Safety in line with WHO, ILO, UNESCO, UNDP and many other national and international Organization with a primary goal for peace, progress and prosperity of the planet people and to enhance knowledge of survival.


GTCS: is an independent international reputed organization that gives generous and whole hearted support and cooperation to the United Nations. Through its selected members it brings together experts, Scientists, government officials, important intellectuals to share their potential knowledge, scientific skills, experiences and develop voluntarily, consensus- based concrete, constructive and creative cause that catalyse to cure crisis and conquer. Support innovation and provide systematized system for sure success and global solutions for global challenges.


NWIM: At this juncture any industry or institution without intellectual is beyond imagination. Hence inviting, including and involving intellectuals irrespective of caste, colour, creed, cult, culture, community, country region and religion with an intention to be inspired with their inspiration is indispensable for the improvement of India.


Keeping in view this “Nation Wide Intellectual Meet” (NWIM) represented by very seasoned, capable and sharp-edged important intellectuals selected for cooperating & functioning in response to the Global Training and Consultancy Service’s (GTCS) road safety resolution and for the effective implementation and execution of United Nations (UN) “Global Plan for Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020” to help achieve UN objective of stabilizing and reducing traffic fatalities around the world by intensifying at district, state, national and global level jointly with stakeholders spreading its life saving activities which is essential be it politics, police, military or civil society in the interest of the World People.

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Our Team

Pintu Kushwha

Director, Professor

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Assistant Professor

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Assistant Professor

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Visual Artist