“Nation Wide Intellectual Meet”(N.W.I.M), functioning in response to G.T.C.S Road Safety Resolution and for the implementation of the United Nations (UN) Global Plan for “Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020” to help achieve UN objective of stabilizing and reducing traffic fatalities around the world by intensifying at district, state, national and global levels jointly with stake holders spreading its life-saving activities which is essential be it Civil, Politician, Police or in Military in the interest of the nation.

It is the time when every industry, institution and individual must work together supporting the Government and U N O for curing road safety crisis, mitigating misery of young and old men and women and changing the atmosphere of work place into a better place making the nation free from “High Risk Roads”.

Industry or institution without intellectual is beyond imagination. In view of this inviting, including and involving intellectuals aiming to be inspired with their inspiration in the eternal and internal interest of cause of service to the people across the world to save the human life improving Global Road Safety is indispensable in this point of time.

NWIM under the banner of United Nations Organization (UNO) Decade of Action for Road Safety is going to organize 4 days National Conference Cum Training & Development Programme in New Delhi on the main theme “How to Reduce Road Risk and Make our World Safer”. National Executive Committee has been setup inviting important intellectuals across the country to make this programme a grand success. A galaxy of important intellectuals including wonderful worthy women of the world have highly appreciated the initiative initiated by N.W.I.M and eager to join for the Noble cause of “Human Life Saving” world programme.