Brief History of First State Intellectual Meet To Reduce Road Risk in India

Considering one after another accidents, hundreds of Parents, Pupil, Teachers and the Sr.Citizen of Steel City Jamshedpur, the most important business and industrial city in Jharkhand, a state in eastern India, wrote a letter jointly and send it to the editor of leading news paper of eastern region of India, desiring to contact and convey their message to Mr. S.S.Tarafdar, renowned management Scientist, crisis and cost control expert expecting him to do the needful in the field of Road Safety aiming to save human lives. Somehow Mr. Tarafdar received the message and also fortuanatly received the attested copy of the aforesaid letter from other source.

In response to this Mr. Tarafdar said that industry and institution without intellectual is beyond imagination. In view of this including, involving and inspiring intellectuals to be inspired with their inspiration to incline serious injuries and decerese day to day desabilities and deaths due to road accident aiming to improve road safety in India is indispensable. To start with there is a great need for an intellectual meet at state level to reduce road risk. Hence, the First State Intellectual Meet to Reduce Road Risk held on Wednesday 7th April, 2010 at Mansarovar Hotel, Jamshedpur, India.

First State Intellectual Meet to Reduce Road Risk

Citing an example he said that more than 1.3 million people die in traffic accidents on the World’s Road. Every year.1/3rd of these victims are young people under the age of 25. Fifty million people are injured as a result of road crashes.1.6 million crashes are caused each year by drivers using cell phones and texting.

Expressing gratitude to all present, Mr. S.S.Tarafdar scientist, said that the initiative initiated by the intellectuals of the Jharkhand State in the steel city Jamshedpur, the most important business and industrial city in the interest of the improvement of “Global Road Safety” reducing road risk is indeed first of its kind in India, is an instance and an indication of self-love and love for others, hence this particular day will be remembered as a red letter day for tomorrow’s Life’s saving programme. Participating as invited the seed, respected intellectuals have sowed on this day will definitely bring benefit, develop individual’s internal strength, better stability and sure success saving millions of lives of our global society paving the path for peace, progress and prosperity.

Narrating Scientist search through research, reveals the truth and serve the global society silently without self interest and expressing thanks to all the intellectuals present and Soliciting full fleged support from all corners of life irrespective of cast, colour, creed including media and press people as well as all safety loving industry, institution and individual Mr. Tarafdar said that jointly we can do the needful and assured to supply a result oriented scientific solution to “Reduce Road Risk” with series of awareness activities before the people of this Pradesh very soon expressing the need of “Eastern Region Intellectual Meet to Reduce Road Risk and Make Roads Safe” in India at the earliest.